Night and Day Blinds at Direct Blinds, East Yorkshire

By combining sheer and opaque materials, night and day blinds create a unique lighting effect which really make your blinds stand out. Direct Blinds Howden’s night and day blinds, also known as Z-lite blinds, come in several styles that will help you maintain control over lighting levels without compromising on style.

They work by combining both sheer and opaque fabrics in just one blind so that you’re never too dazzled or too gloomy, no matter the weather.

Elegant and stunning as well as being immensely practical, these night and day blinds would work well in any property, wherever you’re based across Yorkshire.

We will be happy to discuss your night and day blind options and help you make the right choice for your needs. Give us a call on 07745 930483 or send us a message to discuss your blind requirements and get a quote.

Night and day blind options